Friday, June 9, 2017

Week 6 News

Here are some highlights from Week 6 in Room 13.

Arbor Day

Devon and JM were lucky enough to join Room 11 for tree planting on the Port Hills. They had a lot of fun digging, planting and protecting the young trees.


Eva and Hadley were members of the Meme Machines who competed in the Epro8 technology challenge on Wednesday. They described it as exciting and awesome. Well done to both of you.


JM, Josh, Jake and Dylan have all been enjoying their rugby on Friday afternoons at Hagley Park. They had a loss in their last game but maintained their 'can do' attitude. Keep up the fantastic work boys.

Kapa Haka

Practicing for this year's Cultural Festival continues to be a major focus for a large group of student's in Room 13.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Puss In Boots

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On Wednesday 3rd May Ōpāwa School watched a play in the hall.
The play was Puss in Boots Pet Detective. There was 3 actors, 2 were girls and 1 was a boy. One of the girls was Puss in Boots, the other girl was Goldilocks, Gretel, and a Princess, the boy was Hansel, a King, Justinbabybearba, and Daddy Bear. It was very amusing and funny, there was screaming, applause, ooohhhhs and ahhhhhhs, burping and farting. There was also a bit of Harry Potter in there as well.

By Rydan

10 Year Old Code Club

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10 year old code club is starting this Wednesday. It is for 1 hour after school. Notices should be returned to Nick as soon as possible. 
Thank you.

By Danai

Friday, April 14, 2017

Jolt Dance Session

On Tuesday 11th of April, Jolt Dance came to our school to do an hour session of dance with us (Rm 13). The people who were teaching us were  training to be teachers at Jolt Dance. Jolt is based on the belief that everyone has the right to dance and find their own creative voice, they also believe their /our communities are strengthened by the beauty of diversity. That means Jolt has lots of disabled people and people in wheelchairs.

The reason Jolt Dance came was because Joe's mum Lyn was the founder. 

The first thing they did was introduce themselves. There was Janelle, Rochelle, Josie, Cameron, Biddy, Sam and Michael. 
Then all the teachers took turns to give us instructions. They each had different activities for us to do and they took turns to give them to us, then we had to do them. My favourite was the one where everyone sits in a circle then 4 of the teachers stood in a square and the teacher who was teaching us chose 4 people from our class and they had to go stand in front of one of the teachers and then they needed to start dancing. To stop dancing they needed to be tapped on the shoulder by someone, then once you were tapped you had to go and sit down and the person who tapped them had to dance instead. Lastly, we had questions and Torion said thank you, then the bell rung and we went home.

By Devon

Cross Country

On Monday the 10th of April, Ōpāwa School ran its cross country champs. Here are the results.                                                                                      

get ready

By Rydan